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System of Application

In general

Through the years Royal Deck developed a system for prefabrication and installation which has proven to be a perfect mix of traditional craftsmenship and modern machines. Working with good experienced people and machinery like CNC and vacuum systems result into an excellent end product, no matter if it’s a deck, caprail, stair, jacuzzi, wall, grating. etc.

Design & architecture

Royal Deck is always open to follow the technical and esthetical designs of the yard, architect and owner subject it is responsible for use and maintenance. Designs with trims around pillars, deck-machinery & fittings, including king-planks and herringbone design with rounded nibs are most favorite but also more straight moderate designs can be made as well as more explicit designs like special inlay works in decks, platforms, helidecks, etc.

Designs of all above items can be delivered by the client but can also be designed by our technical department.


Although Royal Deck has an extensive workforce who can be deployed in a very flexible way an early planning is appreciated to have the best possibilities to arrange the best team and the required materials. Especially the Teak sometimes need extra purchase attention, depending on the required size and lengths. The planning for templating, prefabrication and installation will always be done in good consultation and cooperation with the yard.


The templates of the decks are made on board at scale 1:1 to guarantee the accuracy. The additional advantage of this system is we can template in a very early stage of the build and don’t need to have free decks in time of full working schedules of other parties. The templates can be made in only a few days time with no special requirements than a (partly) free deck.


The templates are brought to one of our workshops and spread out on the work floor to imitate the deck 1:1. The agreed design will be delivered by the client or drawn by our technical department and implemented to the floor. The right Teak specification will be selected and produced to transportable panels as per corresponding areas on the ship. For accuracy, these panels are made without margin planks. These will be fitted exactly to size on board providing any disturbances or deviation in seam width. The seams are filled with caulking as per client’s specification and left to cure. After curing the caulking is dry enough to pre-sand the panels. This pre-sanding takes off only a minimum of the thickness of the Teak and it reduces the installation time on board considerably. After finishing all panels are transported by truck to the yard to be installed.


Before the installation of the Teak we can take care of the leveling of the decks with Sika Transfloor, a 2 component polyurethane leveling compound with excellent properties.

The installation and bonding of the Teak panels start when the superstructure is fair according to specification which is normally with a maximum deviation of 2 mm p/sqm. If we do the leveling it is our responsibility of course.

The panels are laid down to check the right position. After, they are bonded to the faired deck using Sikaflex bedding compound. Depending on the area and specification, weights and/or a vacuum method can be used. When all panels are in place the margins and other details are fitted to exact size and bonded. The final open seams are filled with caulking and the whole deck is covered to provide damaging. Normally just before launching or commissioning the yacht to the owner the complete teak deck is finished to a smooth surface by a final sanding.

A check on accuracy and eventual minor detail defaults and/or irregularities is done with the yard and/or the owner and, if found any, will immediately be remedied on the spot.