Royal Deck, The Netherlands 
P.O. Box 2009
2930 AA Krimpen aan de Lek
T: +31(0)180 553 863 
F: +31(0)180 554 450 


Company facts

Being part of a well established group dating back to 1741, and always being located in the heart of the Dutch ship building industry, Royal Deck's financial strength and reliability are beyond question.
As every stage of the proces is being managed by ourselves, this is a very fine basis to produce an excellent, high quality Teak deck.
- own selection in the countries of origin
- sawing our logs in our own 2 sawmills
- drying in our own dry-kilns
- planing in our own workshops
- pre-fabricating in our own workshops
- laying the deck as per shipyard’s specification
Our relationship with the main suppliers of Teak in Asia go back for well over a century, and are still very firm and friendly. This, together with a large stock of high quality Teak in our European warehouses, enables last minute changes if needed and - very important - on time delivery of your deck.
The full support & service of our head-office in The Netherlands and our offices in Italy and Spain, ensures you a successful project.